About Gabriele Andreozzi

Gabriele Andreozzi is a marketing guru, strategist and coach.

He has created, developed and managed web marketing projects for hundreds of organizations especially start-up

He focusses mostly in training directly executives and managers of corporation to better manage their team, and obtain tremendous results.

He thinks that the passion and dedication in the work is the main requirement in order to reach the goal.
Marketing is not just about advertising. It is about showing the value of your product or company to the public. You might have the best product ever, but if not marketed properly, consumers will never know about it.
He helped companies to define their business strategies through digital and social media marketing: with his help he managed to triple the sales of companies that failed advertising themselves with “offline” and “standard” marketing promotions.

Gabriele Andreozzi was born in Rome where he studied and got a master’s degree in Corporate Marketing and Communication at Sapienza University of Rome.

He is available to provide corporate and private sessions about different digital marketing topics.

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